After you have received the gscpy package, you can install it with

$ python install

After this process it is recommended to use the script i_script with GRASS GIS. This is necessary because some modules from this package call other modules from this package that are only present if they are located in the script folder of GRASS GIS. It is possible that some of these modules require administration rights. The reason for this is that, for example, when downloading data to the hard disk, any write permissions must be present.

To launch a Python script from GUI, use File -> Launch Python script and select /path/to/gscpy/

Now you can launch the following modules:
  • i.script: A simple module that import Scripts from a package to GRASS GIS script directory.
  • g.database: Create a GRASS GIS Database.
  • g.c.mapset: Create a mapset in a GRASS GIS Database if it is not existent.
  • Data download including basic adjustments for Sentinel-1 with sentinelsat.
  • i.dr.import: Import data into a mapset from a file by considering a certain pattern.
  • Import pyroSAR dataset in a directory based on their metadata.
  • pr.geocode: Wrapper function for geocoding SAR images using pyroSAR.
  • t.c.register: Creation of Sentinel-1 space-time cube.